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Ear Piercings

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Ear Piercing Shopping Guide

Ear piercings are one of those fashion trends that will never go out of style. A little bit of ear jewelry never goes astray when it comes to creating a fashionable and unique ensemble. But with so many ear piercings out there, things can get a little confusing. No longer do people have one piercing in each ear. If you’re considering getting jewelry and aren’t sure which one you’re after, our guide will help you find what you want, and make you sound well-versed in all the piercings that exist.

Ear Piercing Shopping Guide


An orbital piercing is a combination of two piercings using one piece of jewelry. It is commonly done on the lobe or somewhere along the helix.

Transverse Lobe

A transverse lobe piercing is located in the same fleshy area as a regular earlobe piercing, but the jewelry is pierced parallel to the ear structure (side to side instead of front to back).

Vertical Industrial

a vertical-industrial piercing is still two piercings made to accommodate one barbell, but this piercing is done vertically along the length of the ear

Types Of Ear Piercings

Almost any part of your ear can be pierced nowadays, which makes the options when getting your ears pierced so much more exciting.

There are two different ways of being pierced, which are through the lobe or the cartilage of the ear. Of course, as can be seen at the top of this page, there are so many more options within the lobe and cartilage. The cartilage of the ear is more elastic and softer than bone and protects the circumference of the ear. The earlobe, on the other hand, has no bone or cartilage and is simply soft, fleshy skin hanging below the ear.

There is a big difference between the two in terms of the types of piercing you can get, and the amount of healing time and aftercare that is needed.

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