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Body Jewelry care guide


Simply wash with warm water mixed with a dab of antibacterial soap and dry completely.We recommend removing the jewelry during swimming, especially in the swimming pools, as chlorine may damage the stainless steel.


Please note that Gold Plated or Rose Gold Plated Jewelry should be worn with extra care to ensure their longevity.
Remove your jewelry when performing exercise, swimming, or showering as any substances like water, oil, chlorine, perfume, and sweat may react and will cause it to tarnish easily. Refrain from using plated jewelry while your piercing is fresh and is currently in the healing process. We recommend you use the microfiber cloth to remove any dust and dirt it has acquired after a single-use.
*If you previously have had an allergic reaction to gold or gold plated jewelry, we do not recommend you trying ours as you would encounter a similar experience.


While more durable than Gold Plated & Rose Gold Plated jewelry, PVD-coated jewelry does require care. Using the included microfiber cloth, remove any dust and dirt it has acquired, preferably after each use.You may also use warm water mixed with a dab of antibacterial soap to clean the jewelry occasionally. However, please refrain from using any alcohol or chemical-based solution to clean the jewelry. 


Do you know how to wash your hands? Then you know how to wash your jewelry! It really is that simple

Use a pump of antibacterial soap and lather up your hands. Place the jewelry in your hands and wash the jewelry under warm water for at least a few minutes. Be gentle, but intentional.
Make sure you get around all the twists and turns, around the base of posts, and any other hard-to-reach or traffic-heavy spots.  After you've washed it thoroughly, rinse it well to make sure there is no soap residue left, and then dry it gently with a paper towel.

In general, we don't recommend using any sort of scrubbing/brush tools on your jewelry, especially if you don't have to. If you're really struggling at getting some grime out, try a SOFT brush before anything else.
Just remember any extra friction from any cleaning tools runs the risk of scratching your jewelry.
Note: don't drop your jewelry down the drain!


1.) Wearing it for the first time - Take a second to wash your jewelry if you're inserting it for the first time. You don't know where it's been! You don't know who touched it! Wash it up before you put it in so you know you're starting out safe and healthy.
2.) Every few weeks - Variety is the spice of life! But if you're the kind of person who chooses one piece of jewelry and wears it forever, you should consider cleaning it up every few weeks. It's true for all piercings, but especially for oral piercings (tongue, smiley, etc), which may experience a build up of plaque.
3.) Any time you change it out - This is the perfect opportunity to clean your jewelry! If you never clean your favourite piercings, they can get dingy and discoloured. If you want to maintain your jewelry for years and years to come, it's worth taking a few minutes every now and then to keep them shiny and in tip top shape. 

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