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How to sleep with your new ear piercing

How to sleep with your new ear piercing

Figuring out how to sleep with a new ear piercing is no easy feat. 

If you’re someone who favors one side over the other, moves around heaps, or likes to snuggle your head in your arms or pillows, you might be in for a bit of a challenge. 

There are different types of ear piercing. And the healing times are different, depends on the location. Piercings on your earlobes which only 6-8 weeks to heal completely, a cartilage piercing is more of a long-haul healing process. It can be anywhere from four months to a year to be totally healed. 

Let's say if you’re reading this article, you probably already have a cartilage piercing. That means you know how much it can hurt when you bump or irritate it during the healing process. 

Based on my personal experience, a healing piercing can become problematic for the smallest of reasons. Bumping it on something (like a hairbrush), getting hair caught on it, and — yes — sleeping on it can cause your piercing to swell or become painful. I have tried once sleep on my piercing and woke up there is a small circle of blood on my pillow.

But here we are, on the other end of it with a healed piercing armed with some advice to help those of you still in the process. Here, I’ll break down my best tips including: 

  • How to sleep with a new cartilage piercing

  • How Long Does an ear piercing take to heal?

How to sleep with a new ear piercing


Yes. I know it is difficult if you are used to sleeping on one side. But learning to sleep on your back will benefit you in so many ways. Not only will it stop you from sleeping on your piercing, but it’ll also keep your body healthy.


One of the most clever tips I have heard from the piercer is to sleep on a travel pillow. If you are a habitual side-sleeper and know that nothing will prevent you from rolling over, use a travel pillow as you would a normal pillow, but situate your ear so that it ends up in the hole part of the pillow. That way, you can still sleep on your side, but your ear won’t be pressing down on the pillow.


I know it might not comfortable to sleep. But I will still suggest tie up all your hair to sleep or at least tie up on the other side of your new piercing. It will help you not messing up your hair and the piercing when you wake up.

How Long Does An Ear Piercing Take To Heal

According to MBG Life Style. "Average healing time for lobe piercing is 6 weeks. But some of the ear-piercing like industrial and cartilage piercing will take 9-12+ weeks to heal. Even if your piercing looks like it has healed, it is important that you wait until you’re sure it’s fully healed before you even think about changing it.

Goods for healing your piercing

 Travel Pillow
- Travel Pillow 

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